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Revolving Dining Room Revolving Dining Room Revolving Restaurant In Niagara Falls Revolving Room Dining

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Design tips!


LEAVE SPACE FOR MANEUVERS. As practice shows, to fully plan the upcoming purchases of decor and strictly adhere to this plan is an almost impossible task. Therefore, it is better to leave a little free space, which will take the fruits of impulsive purchases.


NEW LIFE OF OLD THINGS. The abundance of old things in the house is a characteristic that speaks of the interior from a negative side. But you should not completely abandon them. Connect your imagination, and among the things that seem to have served their purpose long ago, there will certainly be something interesting. Some can be used in the interior in its original form, while others will have to be painted, upholstered or decorated with decoupage. The main thing is to strive to see hidden opportunities in old things.

Third advice:

DROP, LUXURY, ALWAYS RELEVANT. Even if a minimalist style is chosen for decoration, there is a place for a couple of luxurious details in it. Large items, for example, a sofa or a carpet, should not play their role at all. To save money, you can order tailoring of covers from high-quality textiles on pillows or furniture.

Fourth tip:

PRINCIPLE OF SWING FOR FURNITURE SETTING. High furniture in the interior should be adjacent to the lower, so that the view slides up and down, as if along the path of the swing. By the way, this principle is also relevant for small interior details, for example, decor. If things of the same size are placed nearby, then the interior will seem overloaded in some areas and empty in others.